The Advantages of Solar Energy – Why Going Green Is Not Only About Protecting the Environment

The Advantages of Solar Energy – Why Going Green Is Not Only About Protecting the Environment

The Advantages of Solar Energy – Why Going Green Is Not Only About Protecting the Environment

There is no doubt that reduced pollution is one of the greatest advantages of using solar panels. You do not need to be a fervent ecologist to realize the severity of the environmental problems that affect out world today. The fuel crisis, the pollution, climate changes, all these issues affect us one way or the other. There is no point in denying either their importance, or our responsibility in triggering and maintaining them.

But the advantages do not limit to environmental effects, although they are incredibly relevant. There are many other benefits of using solar energy that refer to costs, maintenance or energy independence. Whether you are interested in this energy source because of a profound environmental concern, or you are more attracted to the idea of low-cost energy and money saving, going solar can prove to be a remarkably smart idea.

Below you will find a comprehensive list containing the most relevant reasons why using solar energy is beneficial, so you can have a more complex image of the reason that makes it a viable and attractive alternative to fossil fuel energy. With a wider perspective than before, you might be able to make a wiser and more informed decision.

1. Protecting the environment

Advantages of Solar Energy

We start the list of advantages with the most prominent one, the environmental benefit. There is no secret in the fact that overexploitation of the Earth’s non-renewable resources will eventually lead to their paucity, to higher costs and extreme pollution. We cannot rely forever on fossil fuels to create energy, because this resource will eventually disappear. On top of that, continuing to burn fossil fuels will lead to even more pollution than today, and this will affect the climate and people’s health. Turning to a clean, safe, healthy and renewable source or energy becomes imperative.

a) Solar energy is renewable

One of the first advantages is the fact that it is a renewable source of energy that we can count on for billions of years from now. The sun will keep shining. Using its power will not diminish it, like in the case of fossil fuels. When the Earth will not be able to count on fossil fuels for energy, the Sun will still provide enough power for the whole world.

b) Solar energy is clean

Unlike fossil fuels, it is not polluting. No gas emissions, no unpleasant smells, no smoke – it is totally clean. Considering the growing problem of the greenhouse effect and the climate changes it triggers, finding cleaner sources of energy is the best way to protect the environment and reduce the negative effects fossil fuel energy has on the atmosphere. Choosing solar energy over non-renewable energy means more than simply protecting the environment. It means protecting ourselves and the generations to come. Fighting for a healthy, safe world implies stopping climate changes, global warming and air pollution.

2. Low costs

Certainly, solar energy is environmentally friendly. But, as we already mentioned, the advantages do not end there. Probably the most appealing advantage of all is the low cost. Several factors contribute to this conclusion:

a) Solar energy is free

Advantages of Solar Energy

Once you install a solar system, you can enjoy free energy as long as the Sun is up in the sky. It’s for everybody, you don’t have to pay for it. You can just enjoy its benefits. While fossil fuel energy is brought to you by different energy suppliers you have to pay serious money to, the sun’s energy is there for free.

Yes, the cost of installing such technologies can prove to be a substantial investment, but in time, you will save a lot of money on energy. If you think long-term, the benefits are considerable.

Fossil fuel energy is expensive, and you can see that on your monthly bills. It seems like every year energy prices increase and you have to pay more on the bills. It is obviously not convenient to continue like this. The cost efficiency balance of fossil fuel energy starts to lose its equilibrium in favor of the costs. Until when will you be able to continue paying expensive bills?

Looking at it this way, abandoning fossil fuel energy in favor of a low-cost type of energy is common sense. Relying on solar energy, which is free, will lower electricity bills to an affordable level. In case you choose to produce all the energy your house needs using the power of the sun, you will save serious money on bills.

b) Governmental incentives

Another one of the economic benefits of solar energy is provided by the government. You can save money by using various financial incentives. Tax incentives, various credits and rebates encourage people to go green. Learn about the incentives available in your state, and the costs of installing solar panel systems will substantially lower.

c) Low maintenance costs

The maintenance of a solar system is easy and cheap. After the initial investment in installing the solar system, the chances of spending money on it will be quite limited.

d) Fast recuperation of the initial investment

After you install the solar energy system, you will recuperate your investment in a few years, and you will be able to enjoy its benefits sooner than you thought. When it comes to the long-term advantages of solar power, cost efficiency clearly differentiates this energy source from the rest.

e) Net metering

In case your system produces more energy than you need, you can sell it to your utility company. You can not only save money, but also make money with the help of your solar panels.

f) DIY solutions

You can reduce the initial investment with the help of a “Do It Yourself” kit. You can either learn to build solar panels by yourself, or just learn to install the solar panel. Enjoy the advantages of solar energy while learning something new and exciting.

3. Energy independence

Advantages of Solar Energy

a) Solar energy is self-sufficient

The perspective of energy independence is one of the most appealing reasons to choose this source of energy. Depending on another entity is always frustrating for a human being who likes to have full control over his life. Many times we have to endure power black-outs, accept increasing prices, or wait for somebody from the utility company to come to fix a problem of the energy system.

Have you ever though of the possibility of becoming completely energy independent? Having a house that provides all the energy it needs by itself spares you the frustration of depending on various energy suppliers. Once your solar energy system is able to produce all the necessary energy, your house will become self-sufficient, your bills will lower, and you will have the certainty of a constantly available source of energy.

b) Solar energy is available anywhere

No matter how remote the area where you live is, if the Sun shines, your house will enjoy solar energy. Among the many other advantages, the fact that it can provide energy wherever it is needed is an enormous benefit. It will be able to bring light to locations where power lines cannot be installed.

A solar energy system can be easily installed in any location. Therefore, for people who would like to build vacation houses in the mountains or other remote areas, it provides a viable solution.

4. Flexibility

Probably the most appealing benefits are its low costs and its environmentally friendly character. The economic benefits solar energy brings are undeniable. So is the fact that it helps you contribute to protecting the environment and becoming energy independent.

Related to the idea of independence, there are other advantages that are worth mentioning. For example, solar energy systems are very flexible and adaptable to basically any situation. You can choose the solar technology that suits your needs best, install it where it fits, and invest in it depending on your budget. You can produce only a part of the energy you consume, or you can produce all the energy your house needs.

Installing the system can be done at your own pace. If you cannot buy all the solar panels at once, you can start with smaller investments, and when you have the money, you can install some more panels. If you have a small house, you can install a small system, and so on. Solar energy is flexible, comfortable and convenient.

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The Advantages of Solar Energy – Why Going Green Is Not Only About Protecting the Environment

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Solar Energy Renewable Energy Resource

Why Is Solar Energy a Good, Renewable Energy Source?

These days we hear a lot about using eco-friendly products, bio degradable products, recycling plastics, etc to minimize carbon footprint and save environment. But, we fail to realize that unless and until we minimize consumption, we cannot really save our environment. For instance, look at the world’s consumption; today products are being manufactured, used and then disposed at a higher pace than earth can accommodate it to a less harmful way. So, it is important that we switch to green alternatives now, else we will be covered by pollutants and toxins produced in the due course of manufacturing non-biodegradable products like plastics.

Solar Energy Renewable Energy Resource – Renewable Energy Source

In this article, we will discuss about one such green alternative which has remarkable effect on reversing the negative effects we created by technological advancement and industrial revolution.

There are numerous ways to combat climate change, but switching to a clean, renewable energy source- solar is an ideal way. So, let us look at some of the exciting facts about solar power.

· It is the most abundant source of energy. The amount of energy earth receives in one minute is approximately 10,000 times more than the energy needs of entire world.

· Undoubtedly, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy available on the planet. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power doesn’t produce any toxic byproducts. Solar panels use photovoltaic system which has no harmful effect on environment and humans.

· Solar energy is convenient, versatile and flexible compared to wind energy because prime source of solar energy is the Sun which is accessible at every part on the globe. Unlike hydropower (which is also a renewable and cheap source of energy), solar energy is not a threat to sea life and /or any inhabitants of the Earth.

· Worried about ever-increasing utilities bill and looking for a way out? Well, solar energy is your solution. By installing solar panels you will not only curtail your utilities bills, but you are also increasing value of your property. Though solar panels are little expensive upfront, they prove to be efficient and cost-effective in the long run. The best part is that they don’t need much maintenance thereby saves you from additional expenses besides being durable.

Solar Energy Renewable Energy Resource – Solar Saves Money

One of the common misconceptions about solar panels is that they are expensive and affordable only for the elite class which is not true. Solar panels require one time investment after which you don’t have to invest for regular maintenance. In fact, in most of the countries, government is giving special tax benefits and other benefits for going solar. Once you install solar panels, you get freedom from utility bills, power cuts and enhance the value of your property by being eco-friendly.

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