Switch to Solar Online – Consultation to Contract Signing

Switch to Solar Online – Consultation to Contract Signing

EZHomeSolar.com makes it possible to switch to solar, online.

From consultation to contract signing, it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

At EZHomeSolar.com, we provide you the necessary resources and connect you with industry experts to make switching to solar, the best possible experience.

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The following information explains EZHomeSolar.com’s process, starting with your initial interest. We ask you a series of questions, based on your answers, we can better infer if solar is right for you, and if so, how much you WILL be saving.

Qualifying Questions:

Are you a homeowner? (We cannot secure a contract and install a system on someone else’s roof!)

Are there any trees, buildings, or other obstructions blocking the sunlight to the roof? (Obstructions greatly reduce the solar efficiency.)

How much is your average energy bill? (Check with your energy company.)

After the qualifying questions, we will need some information…

Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Energy Usage will be required in order to provide you the most accurate savings. Submit your information below:

Using the latest online technology, we calculate the area of your roof and how many panels would fit. We are then able to render a system and show you your savings…all done online!

After you get a system rendering and detailed report of your future savings, you can sign up and lock in your rates.

We then send a representative to the location the system is being built to confirm the details. Once he gives the OK, your system will be built and you start seeing instant savings!

It is time for a change in the way we create and use energy, all while saving money in the process. Sign up now!

Switch to Solar Online

Switch To Solar Online

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